Moderat - European Music Scene's first ever press pass

Email. No Reply. Email. No Reply. (x20). Then: Email - get a reply . . . no success. oh. Let's try again: Email - get a reply - get a press pass and VIP to Moderat.

^^  That email, that was me ^^ 

Relentlessly trying to get a press pass for a new side project I'm trying to get rolling. I have jumped on board with Australia Music Scene to create a sister brand: European Music Scene. 

So far it has taught me a lot. First and foremost it has shown me how much an email can get you. It's goes back to the saying "all you have to do is ask, politely". It's also consolidated the idea to Keep in mind: Everyone else is just like you. A human, doing their job. Sometimes that someone is managing your favourite musicians who need to spread their music and image.

I think you can apply this to so many different things in life. The first step is acting upon what it is you want. The second step is being nice to people. 

Sure, it takes some time, and a lot of the managers don't have the minute it takes to write back saying 'no'. Especially for a company with less than 100 followers. I get that. But, all it takes is one yes. Once that happens, more yes's can accumulate. Next thing you know, you have 2 gigs a week for a month. 

I'm still in the process of writing my other piece which is 'medium worthy' as for now - I present my favourite photos from my first Yes.