Improving The Apple 'Ringer'

I have always been really annoyed when I'm watching ANYTHING that might have sound on my iPhone and I need to change the volume. 

Why? Because of this. 

The rough percentage that it takes up on the screen is 24%. 
Let's round that up to 25%.

25% of your screen is taken up by a volume icon. 
What would the current icon look like if you used it on a bigger monitor, but maintained the same percentage of pixels used to the screen size?

RIDICULOUS, thats how it would look. 

The design solution I have is basically inverting the icon, where the original icon cut away from the white, I filled that. Where have have filled a pixel, I cut it away. 

As you may have guessed, this results in something around 87% smaller. 

This bad boy takes up 3.4% of the pixels on my iPhone. 

And yes, I know apple has a brand, and an Identity they have to adhere to, but I have videos to watch, games to play and snapchats to watch, and I don't want my screen constantly obstructed every time I change the volume or changing from silent mode. 


In use on a video screen.

It could even work on a white screen with a little bit of a shadow.