Thursday night art > writing

Thursday night has turned into art night in my house. It happened after a lot of discussion about the purpose of art with work colleagues. Our discussions were sparked by a blue sculpture sitting outside our office window. 95% of the office despise this blue pole. I liked the emotion and opinion it brought out in people, often asking people to rationalise why they hate it. What is it, specifically, they don't like about it. The other factor that made me transform my Thursday night schedule is Eddy. My bosses kid, a 7 month old was finger painting, I saw the painting and thought "That's actually quiet inspiring". A free, careless and uninfluenced piece created by a boy who doesn't know what he is creating. 

That is what I set out to capture in my second week of creating. Trying to stop judging what it was I was doing, and whether it was 'good'. To make marks, and keep making marks. I still judged it, every step of the way despite reminding myself not to.

Anyway, here it is. week 2: